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A young couple, over 30 years ago, went to the market to buy natural, eco-friendly toys for their little daughter. They were new parents, and like all new parents of today, they wanted to give to their child toys that provided not just play value to keep their little one engaged but also helped enhance her developmental parameters.

Their visit to the market came out to a nought. In the India of the late 1970s and early ’80s, there was nothing they found that was good enough for their precious little. ‘If we think that, many other parents must be too’, they thought. And thus, Skillofun was born!

Starting with Jigsaw Puzzles in natural wood, Skillofun now makes wooden educational toys for children in the Kindergarten and Montessori methods. Over the past 30 years, it has been our endeavor to innovate and create high quality products that provide great learning while bringing hours of playful fun to young children. Our ears are always on the ground, keenly listening and imbibing all the feedback – positive and negative, that our learned buyers share with us. It is this constant dialogue that helps us innovate and create designs that aid in the development of young minds.

All Skillofun products are guaranteed to comply with the highest international toy safety standards and have been tested and approved by International third party accredited testing agencies. We guarantee that the Skillofun toy a child plays with in a remote corner of India conforms to the same quality, standards, tests and safety norms as the Skillofun toy you might find at a school in California or a high-end store in Germany.

Browse through the site and have a look at all the wonderful wooden toys and games that’ll teach your child when all they are doing is playing!

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Wooden Educational Kits

Skillofun Hindi Shabd Rachna

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