Immerse yourself in the science of the senses!

Your senses allow you to explore and experience the world around you, but… How do they work? Following along with the detailed, easy instructions, kids get to explore 20 fascinating experiments, each one teaching an astonishing lesson about the inner workings of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.There’s gooey, goopy slime; all kinds of fascinating sounds to hear (and feel!); unique ways to test the limits of your vision; smelly smells to smell; plus an experiment to explore the wonders of your taste buds.

If your child loves hands-on learning, introduce them to their amazing senses with SENSORY SCIENCE, the latest installment from Hank Green?s SciShow. The popular YouTube series is known for sparking curiosity and wonder about all things science ? and with these kits, kids can experience some of that wonder for themselves!

The kit includes 20 activities inspired by STEM concepts. Kids will learn how sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste can help people explore the world. They?ll learn how blind spots work, discover optical illusions, experiment with kazoos, and even get the chance to taste the bitter PTC paper ? and that?s only the beginning!

Along the way, they?ll be challenged to make predictions and will learn how scientists use these ideas all around the world.

Each experiment also comes with its own video where they can learn how to do the activity and why it works.

[How to Enjoy]

  1. After watching science videos on YouTube, start a fun experiment!
  2. Help future scientists explore the world for themselves!
  3. See them develop and grow with a newfound curiosity!
  4. Bring a fun, educational project to your next play date!
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