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  • Barbie Dream Doodle Studio is filled with fun to bring your inner creative genius to life! Filled with fantastical designs and patterns, this product will have your little one become a Doodle Expert in no time!
  • “With Barbie Dream Doodle Studio, your little ones can enter the world of Enchanting Doodles and have fun! They can colour beautifully hand drawn doodles to make decorative signage and quotes to decorate their space. They can make welcome cards or frames with doodle borders, create fun bookmarks with their friends and have fun! They can even make fab fashion sketches and be a cool fashion designer!! They can wear colourful doodle masks and add fun to their sleep over nights.”
  • “Product comes with many fantastical images of Fairies, Princesses and Mermaids to encourage little ones to create, innovate and express themselves. They can learn to make their own doodles with the help of the ‘Doodle Studio Guide’ given in the pack.”
  • Along with doodling sketches, Stationery material provided including glitter pens and glitter powder to add a sparkle to the Doodles!
  • Most Ideal choice for gifting.


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