The fun of stamping just got sweeter…and mess free! This Color Wonder Gift Set is great for kids who love to be creative and great for parents who want no mess. The included Scented Light Up Stamper lets kids ages 3 & up stamp into the Color Wonder Mess Free Scented Inks and then onto Color Wonder Paper. The Color Wonder Ink stays on the specially formulate Color Wonder Paper—not skin, clothing, or furniture! The entire Stamper Gift Set has more Color Wonder supplies (including scented ones!) for stamping, drawing, and doodling on blank Color Wonder Paper. Makes a great gift for kids!


COLOR WONDER GIFT SET: Features 1 Mess Free Scented Light Up Stamper with Accessories, 1 Scented Stamper Set, and 1 Refill Set of Blank Color Wonder Paper.

LIGHT UP STAMPER: The fun of stamping without the mess! Includes Stamper Unit with 3 Scented Mess Free Inks, 3 Scented Color Wonder Markers, 10 Stampers, and 12 Sheets Blank Color Wonder Paper.

SCENTED STAMPER SET: Includes 12 Sheets Blank Color Wonder Paper, 5 Scented Mini Markers, 1 Scented Ink Pad, 5 Interchangeable Stamps, and 1 Stamp Holder.

REFILL PAPER: Includes 30 Sheets Blank Color Wonder Paper for more stamping! Also works with Color Wonder Markers and supplies.

GIFT FOR KIDS: A great gift for boys and girls, ages 3 & up!

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 24.4 × 5.5 cm


Country of Origin

Made In USA


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