What word means ‘a partially dried grape?’ Be the first to say ‘raisin’ and you’re on your way to winning this riotous game of rapid word recall. Sounds simple, but as the race heats up, it’s easy to get tongue-tied!

Fast-paced, rapid recall board game that encourages quick thinking skills, develops vocabulary, promotes good sportsmanship, and social skills.

Teacher’s Choice Awards for the Family
NAPPA Honors Winner
Dr. Toy’s Best Picks for New Children’s Products
Kaboose Website ’12 Amazing Games for Families’
How to Play
1. Players rotate between readers and players. Reader rolls the die. The number rolled determines which clue on the card to read and how many spaces on the game board the clue is worth.

2. All other players race to be the first one to blurt out the answer. (Blurt away—there’s no penalty for wrong answers).

3. First to blurt correctly moves ahead on the game board.

4. Winner is the first to return to start after circling the board.

For 3-12 players.

Take our best-selling Blurt! on the go with this portable, travel-friendly version.
Our best-selling Blurt! is a riotous race game of rapid word recall. Now available in a portable, travel-friendly sports version.
Flip a category card, come up with an answer in that category, and move the letters in your answer toward your side of the street in this hilarious, vocabulary-building tug of words!

The hilariously creative, ridiculously fun, squishy, squashy sculpting party game!

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

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Made In China


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