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Korbo Technix 122 Korbo construction blocks are an offer for those who want to take bricks to a higher level. Each set is a lot of possibilities of engaging fun, moving children’s imagination, and allowing the creation of unusual, moving constructions. Korbo’s idea is: “Think, build, spin.” Are you ready to think, build, and spin the Korbo Technix 122 building? Construction blocks Korbo Technix 122 Construction blocks Korbo Technix 122 is a proposal for children from 5 years of age. The youngest users of the blocks will be able to use selected elements and slowly get involved in constructing potentially moving buildings (constructions can be put into motion provided that the elements are properly connected) – according to the attached instructions or your own idea. Technically speaking, you can build almost anything from Korbo Technix bricks. From favorite animals (dog, cat, or duck) and motor vehicles (cars or airplanes), to constructions inspired by everyday objects (food robots, mixers or small windmills), to large buildings referring to technologically advanced wind farms, impressive waterfalls or construction cranes. Korbo Technix 122 will be a dream come true for every little constructor and designer who dreams of an engineering career and the creation of useful machinery and equipment.

Weight 1.200 kg
Dimensions 26 × 24 × 18.3 cm


Country of Origin

Made in Poland


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