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the Artec Educational LED Light Source Device: A Versatile Tool for Hands-On Exploration

Designed to inspire curiosity and foster hands-on learning, the Artec Educational LED Light Source Device offers students and educators a versatile tool for exploring the fascinating world of light and optics. Whether you’re conducting classroom demonstrations, engaging in STEM activities, or conducting scientific experiments, this innovative device provides the illumination and flexibility needed to bring concepts to life and deepen understanding.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Illumination: The Artec Educational LED Light Source Device features adjustable illumination settings, allowing users to control the intensity and color temperature of the light emitted. Whether you’re simulating daylight conditions, creating colorful light patterns, or observing the effects of different wavelengths, this device offers flexibility to suit a wide range of educational activities and experiments.
  2. Multiple Light Modes: With its versatile light modes, including continuous, strobe, and pulsating options, the Educational LED Light Source Device enables users to explore a variety of light phenomena and optical effects. From studying persistence of vision to investigating fluorescence and phosphorescence, students can conduct engaging experiments that demonstrate key principles of physics and optics.
  3. Easy-to-Use Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, the device features an intuitive interface that allows users to adjust settings and control light modes with ease. Whether you’re a student conducting independent experiments or an educator leading a classroom demonstration, the user-friendly interface ensures a seamless learning experience for all participants.
  4. Compact and Portable Design: The Educational LED Light Source Device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up in various learning environments. Whether you’re in the classroom, the laboratory, or the field, this portable device provides convenient access to hands-on learning opportunities wherever you go.
  5. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of educational use, the device features a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Its robust design ensures longevity and reliability, allowing educators to incorporate it into their curriculum year after year with confidence.


  1. Classroom Demonstrations: The Educational LED Light Source Device is ideal for classroom demonstrations and interactive lessons on topics such as reflection, refraction, diffraction, and color mixing. With its adjustable settings and versatile light modes, educators can create engaging learning experiences that captivate students’ attention and deepen their understanding of key scientific concepts.
  2. STEM Activities: In STEM classrooms and afterschool programs, the device can be used to engage students in hands-on activities and experiments that promote inquiry-based learning and critical thinking skills. From building spectroscopes to investigating the behavior of light in different mediums, students can explore the principles of optics and light in a fun and interactive way.
  3. Science Fair Projects: For science fair projects and independent research, the Artec Educational LED Light Source Device provides a valuable tool for conducting experiments and investigations. Whether students are studying the effects of light on plant growth, investigating the properties of different materials, or exploring the behavior of light in optical fibers, this device offers endless possibilities for exploration and discovery.
Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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Made In Japan


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