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Lunar Phases Model with Light
The Lunar Phases Model allows you to study the lunar phases in three dimensions!
Using this simple 3D model, you can easily understand the lunar phases.
Compact size, reasonably priced and suitable for personal use.
The lighted Sun in this model will illuminate the moon in various positions around the Earth. This allows you to see and understand the connection between the lunar phases and the Moon’s position relative to Earth.

You can study positional relationships among the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon!

With this simple and stereoscopic model, you can observe and understand the lunar phase easily.
It is small in size and moderately priced, so, is suitable for personal use as well.
There is 1 hole to place the Earth and 30 holes for the Moon in the transparent acrylic plate. By lighting it with the Sun which comes with the light source, you can see and understand the changes in the lunar phase according to the position of the Moon. Comes with the lunar phase stickers.

Dimensions Assembled 120 x 215 x 140mm


  • Included in the kit
  • Light source (PP / 4.8V 0.5A Light bulb) — 1
  • Sun (PP / 76mm) — 1
  • Earth ( Styrofoam 40mm) — 1
  • Moon ( Styrofoam 20mm) — 1
  • Stage (Transparent acrylic 120 – 1.2mm) — 1
  • Lunar phase stickers — 1
  • Earth sticker — 1
  • size AA batteries — 3
Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 18 cm

Assembly Required


Batteries Included


Batteries Required





Country of Origin

Made In Japan


HSN Code


Remote Controlled Included



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