The Chinese abacus is a traditional as well as effective way to learn numbers and techniques of counting. Give your little kid the Skillofun Abacus Junior and introduce them to the world of mathematics in a fun-filled and entertaining manner. It is a wooden toy and is a wonderful learning tool for pre-schoolers.

Chinese Counting Frame
The Chinese abacus for kids is an educational toy that is uniquely designed with the traditional Chinese counting frame. This gives the Chinese abacus an appealing look. The bright as well as colourful beads used in the abacus are used for counting the numbers.

Great Calculating Tool
Abacus learning for kids is a terrific calculating tool for your little ones. This Chinese abacus can be used for performing the basic mathematical calculations. It features five colourful beads in each row that teaches the kids the concepts of math.

Sharpens Motor Skills
The Skillofun Abacus Junior helps in the improvement of motor skills of your child. As your child plays with this amazing educational toy, their basic motor skills are improved.

Non-Toxic Material
The Skillofun Abacus Junior is fabricated from non-toxic material that ensures safety of your kids. The paints used are of superior quality and made from environment friendly material.

Key Features
Skillofun Abacus Junior is traditional Chinese counting to
Made from non-toxic material
Safe for the little ones to play
Teaches kids basic mathematical calculations
Bright and colourful beads used in the abacus makes it appealing to many
Helps in improvement of motor skills

Weight 0.351 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 10 cm

Assembly Required


Batteries Included


Batteries Required





Country of Origin

Made In India


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Remote Controlled Included



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