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Step2 Clubhouse Climber Bring the park jungle gym home to your backyard with this Step2 Clubhouse Climber. Kids can slide down the sliding board, pretend to drive a car with the steering wheel while in one of the climber’s towers or play castle guard while crossing over the built in bridge! It has stairs and hand rails to help teach your toddlers and preschoolers balance and coordination. Your youngsters will climb, slide, and crawl for hours exploring this personal playground set! Made in USA.Adult Assembly required.Step2 is the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys. Step 2 uses rotational moulding process for manufacturing its products as it is the only perfect solution to manufacture toys for children who play hard .Step2 fosters learning and development through creative play in children from toddler to school age years.
To maintain the superior quality of its products, Step 2 manufactures 100% of its products in U.S.A. All the products are tested to U.S., Canadian, European and Australian safety standards.

Introducing the Step 2 NP Clubhouse Climber – the ultimate play structure designed to spark endless hours of active and imaginative play for your little ones. Crafted with durability, safety, and entertainment in mind, this clubhouse climber is the perfect addition to your backyard or play area.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Play Structure: The Step 2 NP Clubhouse Climber is a multifunctional playset that combines climbing, sliding, and imaginative play. With its clubhouse design, children can engage in various activities that promote physical and cognitive development.
  2. Durable Construction: The sturdy construction ensures a safe and stable environment for children, providing parents with peace of mind.
  3. Interactive Features: The Clubhouse Climber is equipped with a range of interactive features to captivate young minds. From the lookout platform to the steering wheel and slide, each element encourages creativity and cooperative play among children.
  4. Safety First: The safety of your children is our top priority. The climber includes non-slip steps, a secure slide, and rounded edges to minimize the risk of accidents. The structure meets or exceeds safety standards, offering a secure play space for kids.
  5. Easy Assembly: Setting up the Step 2 NP Clubhouse Climber is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward assembly process. Clear instructions and durable components make it convenient for parents to create an exciting play environment for their little ones.
  6. Weather-Resistant Design: UV-protected materials guard against fading, while the sturdy construction resists wear and tear over time.
  7. Ideal for Small Groups: Whether hosting playdates or family gatherings, the Clubhouse Climber provides an ideal setting for social interaction and collaborative play. Multiple children can engage in imaginative adventures together, fostering friendship and teamwork.

Invest in your child’s active development and endless fun with the Step 2 NP Clubhouse Climber. Watch as they climb, slide, and explore, creating cherished memories of outdoor play. Give your little ones the gift of adventure and excitement with this exceptional play structure.

Weight 89.36 kg
Dimensions 232.41 × 347.98 × 177.8 cm


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