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Introducing the Step2 Summer Showers Splash Tower Water Table – the ultimate aquatic adventure for young explorers! Designed with endless summer fun in mind, this vibrant and interactive water table is perfect for backyard playtime.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Level Water Fun: The Summer Showers Splash Tower features multiple levels of water play, allowing kids to experience a cascade of watery excitement. Watch as water flows down the tower, creating a captivating and dynamic sensory experience.
  2. Interactive Water Features: Children can pour, splash, and explore the wonders of water in a safe and controlled environment.
  3. Colorful Design: The vibrant hues and engaging graphics enhance the visual appeal, creating an inviting play space for little ones.
  4. Durable Construction: The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting enjoyment, providing countless hours of aquatic entertainment.
  5. Easy Assembly and Maintenance: Setting up the Summer Showers Splash Tower is a breeze, allowing parents to quickly assemble the water table for instant outdoor enjoyment. The low-maintenance design makes cleaning a simple task, ensuring that the fun continues with minimal effort.
  6. Educational Benefits: Beyond the splashing fun, this water table encourages sensory exploration and imaginative play. As children pour, scoop, and engage with the water features, they develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity in a playful environment.
  7. Safe Play Experience: The Summer Showers Splash Tower is designed with safety as a top priority. Rounded edges and smooth surfaces ensure worry-free play, while the height and depth of the water table are suitable for young children to enjoy without compromising safety.

Bring the joy of summer right to your doorstep with the Step2 Summer Showers Splash Tower Water Table. Order yours today and let the splashing fun begin!

Weight 4.08 kg
Dimensions 167.74 × 167.74 × 145.16 cm


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