The Moon Ball boasts crazy, gravity-defying features to turn a routine game into an out-of-this-world free-for-all; one small step for Waboba, one giant bounce for mankind. Grab some friends and head out to the playground, Skate Park, gym court or basement; bounce the Moon Ball and expect the unexpected! With a capacity for up to nearly 100 feet high, Waboba Moon Ball is proud to be Special Needs approved AND voted Top Toy for Outdoor Action Play. The Moon Ball also releases a “pop” sound when hitting a hard surface – fantastic for stimulating kids’ bodies and minds! Suitable for Fun-loving Humans age 5 and up. Waboba endows products that turn any place into a playground, with balls that bounce on both water and land; play with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Even though Waboba first began as “The ball that bounces on water,” the company soon realized millions of “Wabobians” would go through withdrawal if had they nothing equally exciting to play with on Terra firma. Therefore they brain ed and created the Street, Moon, and Flyer Waboba s to keep the obsession sizzling. The Waboba family is thrilled to present many other items each year – for both land and water entertainment. Today, Waboba has evolved toward a lifestyle that engenders having fun, being outside, going on adventures, embracing your inner child, refusing to grow old, staying active, letting loose, and enjoying time with family and friends in the most simplest form. All you need is a ball! Anytime, anywhere. See ya outside

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 cm

Assembly Required


Batteries Included


Batteries Required





Country of Origin

Made In USA


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Remote Controlled Included



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