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Advantage of Scrabble Games

Scrabble Game

Scrabble:- the game can be played with two to four players ( or four teams and lettered tiles ) with varying points, values are combined to form words crossword-style , on the game board although it designed for those aged eight and up, it’s the most fun when it played among those with similar reading, spelling and skill levels. The Scrabble game is a perfect way to spend time with friends and family, whether it’s a quiet night at home or a party at a friend’s house. This competitive word game can make any event more interactive, fun and interesting. High-quality letter tiles and board. Popular word game Classic family favourite Many ways to play, Challenging and fun.

Advantage of Scrabble

Scrabble fosters learning through creative play

One of the best ways to teach children to learn is via creative play. Scrabble game is an easy and exciting way to enhance your kids’ language capacity and teach them essential life skills, the exciting way.

Therefore, go on and get that Scrabble board; it is time to make learning incredibly fun.

Scrabble develops concentration

Scrabble game demands the player to pay a lot of attention to the blocks of words on hand.

Children will learn to utilize every letter effectively to make high scoring words. These tasks will assist in building the levels of concentration in your little one.

Scrabble improves creativity

Scrabble is a word game that continually teases your kid’s creative skills. Children are always forced to think more creatively and create words that are not present on the board.

Moreover, you can also teach your kid to move a couple of tiles on the Scrabble board to make some new words to score more points.

Scrabble teaches you the vocabulary

One of the most obvious advantages of playing Scrabble is that it’ll teach you to expand your vocabulary But as a word game, it will also help you to improve your word-derivation skills.

Individuals who play Scrabble often learn to utilize suffixes and prefixes more easily than those who don’t play any word games. Playing this game is the same as oppositely playing a typical crossword puzzle.

Besides understanding how to spell English words correctly, you can also learn about the different meanings of many words and how you can use them.

Although you’re not supposed to use a dictionary apart from when a particular word gets challenged, most young players learn the Scrabble game with a dictionary or an online Scrabble word finder

However, competitive Scrabble rules typically disallow the use of dictionaries or other online tools, since the competitions are intended to give the players a chance to display their spelling and vocabulary skills.


Tile Values

Below are the point values for each letter that is used in a Scrabble game.

0 Points – Blank tile.

1 Point – A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T and U.

2 Points – D and G. 3 Points – B, C, M and P.

4 Points – F, H, V, W and Y.

5 Points – K.

8 Points – J and X.

10 Points – Q and Z.

Benefits of Playing Scrabble

People of all ages love to play Scrabble. It’s not only a family game but also a challenging game having its own competition events. Get to know the top ten benefits of playing Scrabble.

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