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Plum 2 in 1 Metal Swing Set Age : 12 Months+

From their first swing to swooping to the skies!

Plum’s Metal 2-in-1 Swing grows from baby to child stage.

The metal swing is supplied with two swing seats which are interchangeable as children grow. The baby swing seat is suitable for ages twelve months and over, with a high back, t-bar front and harness to keep little ones safe and secure. The 2-in-1 Swing also includes a single swing seat, which uses soft-feel ropes and can be adjusted in height. Plum 2 in 1 Metal Swing Set

The 2-in-1 Metal Swing is made from powder coated steel, providing long-lasting protection against rust.

What’s included?

Metal double swing frame, made from powder coated steel

Single swing seat with height adjustable ropes

Baby swing seat with t-bar front and harness

Ground anchors for anchoring the swing into the ground.

  • Swing frame easily adjusts to accommodate both baby and child swing seats
  • Single metal swing that grows with your child, ensuring a lifetime of fun
  • Swing frame made from powder coated steel, giving long lasting protection against rust
  • It’s suitable for little ones aged 12 months and over.

The Set offers an exciting and versatile outdoor play experience for children. Crafted with durability and safety in mind, this swing set combines classic swinging fun with added features for maximum enjoyment.

Featuring a sturdy metal frame, the Set ensures stability and longevity, capable of withstanding vigorous play. The set includes two swing seats, allowing children to swing side by side or enjoy solo swinging adventures. The adjustable height of the swing seats accommodates children of various ages, ensuring years of use as they grow.

In addition to the traditional swing seats, this set boasts a convertible design, transforming into a thrilling glider swing with minimal effort. The glider swing provides an exhilarating experience as children sway back and forth together, fostering teamwork and coordination.

Safety is paramount, with the Plum 2 in 1 Metal Swing Set equipped with robust, comfortable seats and secure fastenings to ensure peace of mind for parents. The smooth, rounded edges of the metal frame minimize the risk of injury during play, while the stable base provides a secure foundation for swinging adventures.

Easy to assemble and maintain, this swing set is a perfect addition to any backyard or outdoor play area, offering endless hours of entertainment and promoting healthy, active play for children. Whether swinging high into the sky or gliding gracefully through the air, the Plum 2 in 1 Metal Swing Set promises fun-filled memories for years to come.


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