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Rubbabu 3D Shape Sorter has a soft base as well as soft pieces that are easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate. Animal shapes in a rainbow of colors make this an extremely attractive toy to gift, play with and learn from. Stimulate your kid’s brain to recognize shapes and colours easily with the Rubbabu 3D Shape Sorter Geometrical Shapes. Each shape comes in different colour to make kid’s learning more fun and colourful. Children will sure attracted by these cute shapes and love to learn again and again. The soft rubber material adds smooth, natural feel for little hands. Made of natural rubber, they are safe, tactile and durable.

Rubbabu produce hand made toys from natural biodegradable foam rubber. Our
toys are soft, tactile and durable, offering years of endless imaginative play
value and learning opportunities.

The Rubbabu 3D Shape Sorter is an engaging and tactile toy designed to stimulate young minds while providing a fun and educational play experience. Crafted from soft, safe, and eco-friendly materials, this toy features colorful, squishy shapes that children can grasp and manipulate with ease.

The shape sorter includes various geometric shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles, each in vibrant hues to capture a child’s attention and encourage exploration. The shapes fit snugly into corresponding slots on the sorter, promoting hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and shape recognition as children match each piece to its designated spot.

The soft, tactile texture of the Rubbabu shapes adds a sensory dimension to play, making it suitable for children of different ages and developmental stages, including those with sensory sensitivities. The durability of the materials ensures long-lasting use, while the simple yet engaging design fosters open-ended play and creativity.

With its combination of tactile appeal, vibrant colors, and educational benefits, the Rubbabu 3D Shape Sorter offers a delightful way for children to learn and grow through hands-on exploration and discovery.

Weight 0.567 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 3.81 × 27.94 cm


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