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Ok Play Pacer Tricycle for Kids Ride On Bicycle It is fun to watch your child maintain his attention for hours while pedalling the tricycle and learning how to pedal. The tricycle can improve balance and limb coordination as well as build muscle strength and stamina.

Introduce your child to a world of excitement and growth with the Ok Play Pacer tricycle in vibrant red. This well-designed tricycle not only provides hours of fun but also promotes essential skills like coordination, stamina, and muscular strength.

The bright coloured tricycle is the perfect toy to encourage limbs coordination in your kids and also develops stamina and muscular strength
It has perfectly designed handles on both sides that provides a comfortable driving experience
The pedalling activity ensures that the child learns the art of balancing and its fun to see your child keep himself occupied for hours.

Material: Pacer for kids is made up of non-toxic harmless plastic. .
Longevity: This Pacer is a standout toy for its quality and is 100% Made in India. .
Interactive: Its a stylish and sturdy tricycle, with easy to grip handlebars and good tires that ensure a safe and smooth ride for kids. .
For age 2-4yrs.

The Ok Play Pacer Tricycle is the ultimate ride-on bicycle designed specifically for kids, offering a perfect blend of fun, safety, and durability. With its vibrant colors and sleek design, it’s sure to capture the imagination of young riders.

This tricycle features a sturdy frame crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring stability and longevity for endless hours of play. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable riding experience, allowing kids to pedal smoothly and confidently.

Equipped with safety features such as non-slip pedals, easy-grip handlebars, and a low center of gravity, parents can have peace of mind knowing their little ones are secure while they enjoy their adventure.

The Ok Play Pacer Tricycle encourages outdoor play and physical activity, promoting motor skills development and fostering independence in children. Whether cruising around the neighborhood or exploring the backyard, this ride-on bicycle promises endless hours of entertainment and excitement for kids aged 2 to 5 years old.

With its robust construction and timeless appeal, the Ok Play Pacer Tricycle is the perfect companion for young riders embarking on their first cycling adventures.

Weight 5.85 kg
Dimensions 68.6 × 38.1 × 53.3 cm


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