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Ok Play Rabbit Slide The rabbit-shaped slide has a wide base for stability, safety grip handles, and a basket ball ring on the side panel to keep your young one entertained. This is also beneficial for strengthening physical and balance abilities. This may be quickly put together and taken apart, as well as transported indoors or outdoors.

Enjoy watching your child have a fun-filled and completely safe slide in this rabbit shaped slide
This amazing rabbit shaped panel can be easily assembled and dismantled
It is provided with a basket ring on one side for extra fun that makes it ideal to enhance the physical and balancing skills.

  • Made from non toxic durable LLDPE and plastic material
  • adjustable height suitable for both indoors & outdoors
  • It is weather resistant & waterproof
  • Made in india , Anti oxidation, Anti slip base, Anti UV
  • Sturdy and durable

Material: Rabbit Slide for kids is made up of non-toxic harmless plastic. .
Longevity: This Rabbit Slide is a standout toy for its quality and is 100% Made in India. .
Interactive: This colorful rabbit slide has wide base for stability, safe grip handles, and a basket ball ring on the side panels to keep your child entertained.Also,this is beneficial for strengthening physical and balance abilities. .
Product Specifications: Measures 157.8x86x109.6cm. .
For age 2-4yrs.

Product Includes – 1 Rabbit Slide with attached Basket Ball ring

The Ok Play Rabbit Slide is a delightful addition to any kids’ garden or play area, promising hours of fun-filled entertainment. Designed with vibrant colors and a charming rabbit motif, this slide captures the imagination of children, inviting them to embark on exciting adventures.

Standing tall and sturdy, the slide ensures safety while encouraging active play. Its smooth surface and gentle slope provide a thrilling yet secure experience for young ones as they glide down with glee. The inclusion of a basketball ring adds an extra layer of enjoyment, inspiring friendly competitions and fostering motor skills development.

With its compact size and easy assembly, the Ok Play Rabbit Slide is perfect for backyard playdates, birthday parties, or simply everyday play. Crafted from durable materials, it promises long-lasting durability to withstand endless rounds of laughter and fun. Let the Ok Play Rabbit Slide be the highlight of your kids’ outdoor escapades, where imagination knows no bounds and adventures await around every corner.

Weight 17.7 kg
Dimensions 157.8 × 85.9 × 109.6 cm


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