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Introducing the Wonderlearn WLTD00054 Wooden Vegetable Kitchen Toy Set, the perfect play companion for budding chefs aged 2 and above. Crafted with safety and creativity in mind, this delightful wooden set brings the joy of cooking and healthy eating to young children in a fun and educational way.

Featuring a vibrant assortment of wooden vegetables including carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and more, this kitchen toy set sparks imagination and encourages interactive play. Each vegetable is beautifully crafted with attention to detail, providing a realistic and engaging experience for little hands.

Designed to promote sensory exploration and fine motor skills, children can slice and chop the wooden vegetables with the included wooden knife and cutting board. This hands-on activity enhances hand-eye coordination and fosters imaginative role-play scenarios, allowing children to mimic real kitchen tasks and explore the concept of food preparation.

The Wonderlearn Wooden Vegetable Kitchen Toy Set not only entertains but also educates. As children engage in imaginative cooking adventures, they learn about different types of vegetables, colors, shapes, and even basic culinary skills. This interactive play promotes healthy eating habits and cultivates an early appreciation for nutritious foods.

Safety is paramount, and parents can trust in the high-quality craftsmanship and non-toxic materials of the

Whether it’s whipping up imaginary meals, practicing slicing skills, or simply exploring the wonderful world of vegetables, the Wonderlearn Wooden Vegetable Kitchen Toy Set is sure to inspire hours of creative play and learning for children aged 2 and beyond. Let the culinary adventures begin!

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What makes the green vegetable set drool worthy?

1. Platter of 8 vegetables, which can be cut in half and put back

2. Wooden knife

How to play and use?

1. Identify and recognize green vegetables by its shape, color etc.

2. Learn whether you eat a veggie ‘peeled’ or ‘washed’. E.g. tomato is washed, cucumber is peeled

3. Take all the vegetables and remove them from the platter. Now match the vegetables to its shape on the platter and put it back.

4. Cut the veggies in half using toy knife for pretend play fun making fruit salads/ dishes etc.

5. You can join 2 halves of the same vegetables or different vegetable to make your own fun combos


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