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Step2 Stop & Go Market Little entrepreneurs, get your stands ready; we predict lots of fun and learning! The Step2 Stop & Go Market™ has it all! This pretend market comes with a gas pump, tollbooth, cones, chalkboard, and working cashier. Kids can take turns role playing as the cashier and customer. Little ones can pull up to the market on their bikes or play cars to fill up on gas and pay the toll. They can even use the chalkboard to write out daily specials, gas prices, or the name of their market. This play market has an umbrella to keep kids protected and cool from the sun, and it also has wheels, so they can easily move it around to their next location!

The Step2 Stop & Go Market Kids Pretend Play Store & Toll Booth with Toy Cash Register is a dynamic playset designed to ignite children’s imagination and creativity. Here’s a detailed description:

Step2 brings the excitement of real-world commerce to the world of make-believe with this multifunctional playset. Inspired by the bustling activity of a market and the convenience of a toll booth, this interactive toy offers hours of immersive play.


  1. Dual Functionality: This playset combines the roles of a vibrant market and a toll booth, allowing kids to experience various scenarios and roles.
  2. Colorful Market Stall: The market stall is adorned with eye-catching colors and details, resembling a lively marketplace. It’s equipped with shelves, bins, and hooks for displaying and organizing play food items and merchandise.
  3. Toy Cash Register: The included toy cash register enhances the shopping experience, complete with a scanner, a conveyor belt, and buttons that produce realistic sounds. Kids can ring up purchases, calculate totals, and even make change, fostering basic math skills and social interaction.
  4. Toll Booth: Transitioning seamlessly, the toll booth features a movable gate and a pretend tollbooth window. Children can take on the role of toll collectors, collecting imaginary tolls from passing vehicles and engaging in imaginative play scenarios.
  5. Interactive Elements: With interactive features like movable parts, sound effects, and realistic detailing, this playset encourages hands-on exploration and imaginative storytelling.
  6. Educational Benefits: Through role-playing as shoppers, cashiers, and toll collectors, children develop essential life skills such as social interaction, communication, and basic math concepts in a fun and engaging way.
  7. Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, the Step2 Stop & Go Market Kids Pretend Play Store & Toll Booth is built to withstand enthusiastic play and ensure long-lasting enjoyment.


  • Encourages imaginative play and creativity
  • Fosters social skills and cooperative play
  • Enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes early math skills and basic financial literacy
  • Provides hours of entertainment and educational value

Ideal for:

  • Playdates and group activities
  • Home playrooms and daycare centers
  • Preschools and early childhood learning environments

With its vibrant design, interactive features, and educational benefits, the Step2 Stop & Go Market Kids Pretend Play Store & Toll Booth with Toy Cash Register is sure to become a beloved addition to any child’s play space, sparking endless adventures and fostering developmental growth.


Weight 5.44 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 64.1 × 86.7 cm


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