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AIKO Town House Building Blocks for Kids (164 Pcs)-3 in 1 Age 4+  – Compatible with All Major Brands | ABS Plastic | Attractive Design | Best Lock Fitting | Premium Blocks | Fun Activities | Educational & Learning Toys | Birthday Gifting Toys | 4+ Age of Years | | | At AIKO, we believe in letting children create the world of their dreams, and for that, We manufacture toys keeping in mind creativity, quality, and safety. Through our toys, we want to provide a safe environment for our beloved children to use their imagination to the fullest. Our toys encourage kids to dive into the worlds of adventure, mystery and fun. We want our toys to be the starting blocks through which they enter the world of possibilities. Aiko toys are rooted in quality. It is our guiding principle – to ensure that our young builders can create safely, with toys that offer them precision fittings, attractive colours and many, many designs. Come, build with us!

The AIKO Town House Building Blocks for Kids is an engaging and versatile construction set designed to ignite creativity and problem-solving skills in children. With 164 pieces included, this kit offers a rich assortment of building blocks, allowing young builders to construct their own vibrant townhouse and unleash their imagination.

Featuring a 3-in-1 design, children can enjoy the flexibility of building three distinct structures from a single set, fostering endless possibilities for play. Whether they choose to build a cozy residential home, a bustling town center, or a charming storefront, the AIKO Town House Building Blocks cater to a variety of architectural preferences and storytelling adventures.

Crafted from durable and safe materials, these building blocks ensure long-lasting enjoyment and are suitable for children of various ages. The set encourages hands-on exploration, spatial reasoning, and fine motor skills development as kids assemble, disassemble, and customize their creations.

Perfect for solo play or collaborative building sessions with friends and family, the AIKO Town House Building Blocks inspire hours of immersive fun and imaginative play. With its vibrant colors, versatile design, and ample pieces, this set promises to be a beloved addition to any child’s toy collection, sparking creativity and fostering learning through play.


Dimensions 28.5 × 20.5 × 5.5 cm


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