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  • COLOURING POSTER: Our giant colouring poster is 60cm long X 90cm wide. The theme is based on the various animals you can find in the Zoo. From Giraffes to Monkeys, we have them all. Teach your child how to colour within the lines and what different animals look like.
  • BENEFITS: Colouring develops hand strength, visual perceptual skills, and precision skills in grasp. Children get to express creativity and produce something they are proud of. It boosts confidence, develops understanding of cause and effect, and increases attention spans.
  • USES: It is suitable for children & adults alike (age 3 years & upwards). For Adults, colouring is a healthy way to relieve stress by calming your mind and body. Perfect as a gift for any occasion.
  • GREAT FOR QUALITY TIME: Our giant posters are no ordinary colouring exercise. Its great for spending quality time with your child, keeps your child busy for hours and are also educative at the same time. These can be used for play dates and done as a group activity. Once finished, they can be framed and hung anywhere around the house.
  • ABOUT US: The Tiny Genius Company is a new initiative by two young entrepreneurs and aims to bring fun, entertaining and educational products to the market. Alphabets, Colours, Fruits, Professions – whatever your tiny tot wants to learn about, we have it all. Along with bewitching graphics and captivating stories, our products also help in building cognitive skills. We have flash cards, board games, jigsaw puzzles, coloring posters and more to keep your tiny genius entertained & engaged all day.
Dimensions 60 × 90 × 60 cm


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