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  • Complete Audio Entertainment App for Children offering Unlimited Audio Stories, Rhymes, Music, Audio Shows, Riddles & Quizzes
  • Provides a unique blend of screen-free entertainment and learning with Folk Tales, Mythology, Bedtimes Stories, Moral stories & more
  • Screen-free listening with ZERO Ads
  • Ages 2-8 years
  • ECA(Early Childhood Association) Certified Content
  • Content available in 3 languages – English, Hindi & Tamil

Your child’s personal storyteller is here. Bring back the joy of listening to stories with HeyCloudy- A Complete Audio Entertainment App for Children.

Make listening to stories an everyday habit and enhance your child’s listening skills, creativity, imagination, vocabulary, and focus. With hundreds of stories, rhymes, music, riddles, quizzes & audio shows, HeyCloudy has the content to keep your child entertained anytime, anywhere.

Suitable for ages 2+

HeyCloudy is a digital product. Your subscription will start within 24-48 hours of purchase with the registered mobile number. 


HeyCloudy is India’s first Audio Entertainment app for Children. The screen-free and ad-free platform is designed to reduce your child’s eye strain and avoid exposure to unsafe advertisements.

Listening is a key learning skill that is underrated.

Think about it,

How do babies learn to speak?

How do they learn new words?

How do they put words together to make a sentence?


One word, LISTENING!

With children hooked to screens for hours watching videos and playing games, there is an impact to their development.

HeyCloudy is working towards a change with a smart solution. We embrace digital world by introducing audio based learning. Our pure audio content aims to break listening barriers such as the distraction caused by screens and videos and focus on attention to actual content helping child develop their imagination, attention skills and knowledge.

With its audio-first approach and fun-packed stories, HeyCloudy is here to deliver unmatched learning & entertainment for your children. So get your child to Listen and Learn with HeyCloudy!

Trusted by 1000s of parents and approved by the Early Childhood Association of India (ECA).



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