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The Barbie Baby Doctor Playset is an engaging and colorful toy that allows children aged 3 years and above to step into the role of a caring baby doctor. With a blonde Barbie doll, an infant doll, and a variety of medical accessories, this playset provides endless opportunities for nurturing and imaginative play. The highlight of this playset is the baby doctor role-playing experience. Children can take on the role of a compassionate and skilled doctor, providing care and comfort to the adorable infant doll.

They can use the included medical accessories to perform check-ups, monitor the baby’s health, and create nurturing storylines. The playset features a blonde Barbie doll dressed in a doctor’s outfit, ready to provide medical expertise and care.

The set includes a range of medical accessories to enhance the role-playing experience. Kids can use the stethoscope to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, the thermometer to check their temperature, and the oscilloscope to monitor their vital signs. The chart allows them to record important information, while the blanket and baby bottle provide comfort and nourishment.

It offers age-appropriate play and encourages creativity, role-playing, and imaginative thinking. The Barbie Baby Doctor Playset features a vibrant and multicolored design, capturing the attention of young children. The colorful palette adds visual appeal to playtime, stimulating their imagination and creating an engaging play environment.

It promotes nurturing skills, empathy, and imaginative play while providing hours of entertainment and fun. Take a peek at the world of baby care with the Barbie Baby Doctor playset! She is wearing a sweet outfit with a butterfly pattern and a white doctor’s coat. Kids will enjoy using the Barbie Baby Doctor playset for imaginative play and storytelling!

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Dimensions 21.59 × 6.05 × 32.39 cm


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