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Age:3+ Barbie HLC28 Dreamtopia Doll Accessories

Introducing the Barbie Dreamtopia Doll Accessories, designed to ignite the imaginations of children aged 3 and above. This enchanting set transports young dreamers to the fantastical world of Dreamtopia, where anything is possible. With vibrant colors, whimsical designs, and endless opportunities for creative play, these accessories are sure to delight Barbie enthusiasts of all ages.

The Dreamtopia Doll Accessories set includes a delightful array of items to enhance storytelling and imaginative play. From magical creatures to dazzling accessories, each piece adds a touch of wonder to Barbie’s world. Children can adorn their dolls with glittering tiaras, sparkling wings, and enchanting wands, allowing them to bring their fairy-tale fantasies to life.

With the Dreamtopia Doll Accessories, children can embark on imaginative adventures alongside Barbie and her friends. Whether they’re soaring through the skies with shimmering wings or exploring enchanted forests with mythical creatures, the possibilities are endless. These accessories encourage open-ended play, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and social development in young children.

Crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, the Dreamtopia Doll Accessories are designed to withstand hours of playtime fun. Each piece is durable, lightweight, and easy for small hands to manipulate, ensuring that children can immerse themselves fully in the magical world of Dreamtopia.

Ideal for solo play or group activities, the Dreamtopia Doll Accessories set provides endless entertainment for children and their friends. Whether they’re hosting royal balls, rescuing mythical creatures, or embarking on epic quests, children will love exploring the imaginative world of Dreamtopia with Barbie and her magical accessories.

Inspire creativity, foster imagination, and spark endless adventures with the Barbie Dreamtopia Doll Accessories. With its captivating designs and endless possibilities, this set is sure to become a beloved favorite among children aged 3 and above.

Age:3+ Barbie HLC28 Dreamtopia Doll Accessories

  • ​Kids can dress up Barbie doll in multiple fashions for transformation play. She wears an ombre bodice that pairs with the included mermaid tail, full-length princess skirt and shorter floral skirt.
  • ​She loves to complement her pink and purple fantasy hair with accessories! Choose from a dragon headband, unicorn headband, tiara or necklace.
  • ​Kids can get creative and explore imaginative role-play by transforming their Barbie into a mermaid doll, royal doll and more!
  • ​For more magical gift ideas like this fairytale dress-up set, check out the whole Barbie collection of dolls and playsets!
Weight 0.332 kg
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 30 cm


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