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Age : 8 Year+

THINK FAST, ACT FAST! Be the first to complete the challenge and get your brain back on track. Quickly slide and connect your thoughts into the right order, then, be the first to complete the correct action to win. These sliding puzzles have 16 different start and stop points, so creating a clear train of thought is always a new and exciting challenge. A clever twist on classic sliding puzzles, this game is perfect for solo solving or racing against friends!

  • Contains four puzzle squares for a maximum of four players
  • Encourages logic, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking
  • The first player to connect the start and end point on their puzzle must act out the next card to win
  • Race with your friends and family to solve a challenging sliding puzzle
  • Skills:  Fine Motor, Visual Perception, Focus and Attention & Processing Speed
  • Contents::  4 Sliding Puzzles,  48 Challenge Cards &  Illustrated Rules.
  • Play Time: 20 minutes
  • 2-4 Players
Dimensions 26.1 × 26.1 × 4.5 cm


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