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Key Features

Diy optics projector science activity toy .
Know science behind properties of convex concave mirrors & lens .
Made in india stem toys .
Innovation & problem solving through project based learning approach.


Optics DIY Kits for kids PROJECTOR Toy Gift – Creative Educational Aid for 10+ Years – Allow your child to develop a sharp focus, determination and a strong understanding and appreciation of the science around them with our Physics kit Light Image and Object. | Made in India Toys for Kids – Make & Learn – Creative Learning Aid to Know Properties of Convex Concave Mirrors & Lens- Children get to make a Ray Optics Setup to learn and understand a) Properties of convex and concave mirrors i. e. , Diverging and Converging b) Properties of image formed by a plane mirror c) What an object, image and screen are! d) How to Capture an image on the screen using a biconvex lens.


Product Length: 30 cm

Product Width: 20 cm

Product Height: 5 cm

Product Weight: 400 g

Net Qty: 1 U

Colour: Multicolor

Material: Foam

Content Inside: 1 Stem Kit

No of Component: 1

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm


Country of Origin

Made In India

HSN Code



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