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Little Genius Circular Size Sorting Board Playing with toy gives a kids a enormous amount of joy, enjoyment and happiness. Child experience an interact with their surroundings thru toys. Plus, toys provide plenty their self-esteem and allow them to discover the world they live in.

The Little Genius Circular Size Sorting Board is an engaging and educational toy designed to promote cognitive development and fine motor skills in young children. This brightly colored circular board features multiple circular slots of varying sizes, inviting children to sort corresponding circular blocks into the correct slots based on size.

our toddlers are growing up and are grasping new things everyday. This is the time to help them sharpen and fine tune some of their basic skills so that it helps them in their future years. Little Genius designs its wooden toys in such a way that it helps little children learn something along with letting them have fun. Five circular shapes of different colours on a circular base for shape are arranged in small to large size.Salient features of little genius toys: educative, develops creativity, improves retention power, easy to understand.

Little Genius Circular Size Sorting Board Crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials, the sorting board is durable and suitable for repeated use. The vibrant colors and smooth textures of both the board and blocks stimulate sensory exploration and visual perception in toddlers and preschoolers.

As children manipulate the different-sized blocks and place them into the corresponding slots, they not only refine their hand-eye coordination but also enhance their understanding of size relationships and spatial concepts. The activity fosters critical thinking skills as children problem-solve to match each block with the appropriate slot.

The Circular Size Sorting Board is an ideal tool for parents, educators, and caregivers seeking to provide engaging and developmentally appropriate activities for early learners. It encourages interactive play and offers opportunities for children to explore concepts of size and shape in a fun and tactile manner, laying a foundation for future learning success.


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Dimensions 25.4 × 25.4 cm

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