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Introducing Creative Educational Aids’ Little Learner’s Pack-3, a comprehensive educational resource designed to ignite young minds and foster a love for learning in children aged 3 and above. This engaging pack is thoughtfully curated to provide a holistic learning experience, covering key developmental areas while making education an enjoyable journey.

Key Features:

  1. Multifaceted Learning: Little Learner’s Pack-3 offers a diverse range of activities encompassing numeracy, literacy, motor skills, and cognitive development. From counting and alphabet recognition to problem-solving exercises, this pack ensures a well-rounded educational approach.
  2. Colorful and Interactive Design: The interactive nature of the activities encourages hands-on participation, enhancing both comprehension and retention.
  3. Playful Themes: Each module is centered around captivating themes that resonate with children’s interests and curiosity. From friendly animals to exciting adventures, these themes make learning a delightful adventure, keeping children motivated and engaged.
  4. Educational Games and Puzzles: Little Learner’s Pack-3 includes a variety of games and puzzles that promote problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity. These activities are not only intellectually stimulating but also encourage teamwork and social development.
  5. Parental Involvement: The pack comes with guidance for parents, enabling them to actively participate in their child’s learning journey. This collaborative approach strengthens the parent-child bond while fostering a positive attitude towards education.
Dimensions 38 × 5 × 32 cm



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