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  • ‘Creative What Things Are Made Of Card Gamef?’ by Creative’s is an interactive game to inform children about products and things we use in our daily lives and the natural resources they are made of.
  • The game has 24 sets of two-piece match-ups of final products and their corresponding natural resources.
  • With the help of these match-ups, children try to associate final products with their origin in nature improving their vocabulary, general knowledge and problem-solving skills.
  • Skills developed: Knowledge about Various Products and their origin in nature Vocabulary General Knowledge Usefulness of plants and animals

The Creative What Things Are Made Of Card Game is an engaging and educational activity that challenges players to explore the materials that make up everyday objects. With 48 unique pieces, this game offers a diverse range of materials to spark curiosity and creativity.

Each card features an image of a common item, from household objects to natural elements, accompanied by a list of possible materials it could be made of. Players take turns guessing the primary material of each item, utilizing their knowledge of materials science, everyday objects, and deductive reasoning.

This game encourages players to think critically about the composition of the world around them, fostering an appreciation for the diversity of materials and their applications in daily life. Whether played solo or with friends and family, the Creative What Things Are Made Of Card Game provides hours of fun while promoting learning and discovery.



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Dimensions 19 × 4 × 27 cm

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Made In India


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