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Creative World Safari Junior Board Game The Play Board has a pictorial World map showing physical features, important landmarks and path to move and three types of cards. Spin the Spinner, pick the card from the corresponding Cards pile, if it is a “Find” card look for that feature on the map, if it is a “Tell ” card look carefully at that feature/ map given on the card and answer correctly and if the spinner has landed on ” ? “space, answer the question given on that card. If you have answered correctly move forward and take another turn. First player to reach the Finish square wins the game. To reinforce the knowledge and practice map skills fill and colour the blank maps with the help of maps given on the opposite page of every map. Creative World Safari Junior Board Game

  • Understanding about different aspects about world, Map Reading, Memory Skills, Continents and oceans, Seas and Rivers, Mountains, Deserts and forests, Important Landmarks
  • There are 3 types of cards Tell, find & question and answer card
  • Spin the spinner pick a card set timer and play
  • Look at the picture, map, figure to find answers before sand comes down
  • First player to reach the finish line is winner

The Creative World Safari Junior Board Game – Multicolor is an engaging and educational game designed to spark creativity and imagination in young players. Set in a vibrant, colorful world, this game takes children on an exciting adventure through various landscapes, encountering different animals, landmarks, and challenges along the way.

With its multicolor design, the game board captures the attention of players and creates a visually stimulating environment. Each corner of the board represents a different habitat, such as the jungle, the ocean, the desert, and the mountains, immersing players in diverse ecosystems.

Players take on the roles of explorers, embarking on a journey to discover the wonders of the world. Through a combination of dice rolls and strategic decision-making, they navigate through the game board, encountering obstacles to overcome and opportunities to express their creativity.

One of the key features of the Creative World Safari Junior Board Game is its emphasis on creativity. Throughout the game, players are encouraged to use their imagination to solve problems and complete challenges. Whether it’s designing a new species of animal, creating a piece of artwork inspired by nature, or inventing a story about a fictional adventure, this game provides ample opportunities for children to unleash their creative potential.

In addition to fostering creativity, the game also promotes learning and development in various areas, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and social skills. By engaging in cooperative gameplay and sharing ideas with their fellow players, children learn valuable lessons about teamwork and communication.

The Creative World Safari Junior Board Game – Multicolor is not only a source of entertainment but also a tool for inspiring curiosity and exploration in young minds. With its vibrant visuals, engaging gameplay, and emphasis on creativity, it offers an enriching experience that will captivate children and spark their imagination for hours of fun-filled adventure.


Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 6 × 30 cm



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