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  • Dabble Crayons are enriched with the goodness of organic beeswax, natural waxes and coconut oil with a calming natural scent. Contain NO Parafens, NO Chemical smell and No Toxins.
  • A pack of 8 fun shaped crayons with unique shapes that are easy to grip. Perfect for preschoolers and kids to colour with and explore the world of art.
  • Inspires multi-sensory colouring experience and helps develop tripod grip for pencil writing. These crayons blend easily to create a new colour that helps children learn the science of colours and mixing. They also inspire storytelling and make learning shapes and colours fun!
  • Crayons in shapes that blend easily ,colour smoothly and won’t break easily. These magical primary colours, if rubbed against each other can be cleaned with coconut oil and voila,as good as new.
  • Makes it a unique and eco-conscious gifting choice for birthdays, return gifts or rather any occasion.


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