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The Dabble Pretend Play Sandwich Playset – Six Sneaky Sandwiches is an imaginative and delightful toy designed to enhance the pretend play experience for children. This playset features a collection of six vibrantly colored and intricately detailed sandwich components, allowing kids to create their own imaginative sandwich combinations.

The set not only provides an opportunity for children to engage in role-playing activities but also promotes essential skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social interaction. As kids assemble and deconstruct their pretend sandwiches, they develop a sense of sequencing and learn about different food items, fostering cognitive development in an enjoyable and interactive way.

The “Six Sneaky Sandwiches” theme adds an element of surprise and fun to the playset, encouraging children to come up with imaginative stories and scenarios involving these mischievous sandwiches. Whether playing in a pretend kitchen, hosting a teddy bear picnic, or simply enjoying creative playtime, the Dabble Pretend Play Sandwich Playset is a fantastic tool for nurturing a child’s imagination and fostering learning through play.


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