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Eduedge E2021 Tactilo Set of ten texture tiles. Each tile to pair with identical texture and form a chain. Enhances tactile sense, co-ordination, concentration and problem solving ability. Develops sensorial and motor skill. Wooden learning toy suggested for children above 3 years of age.

Educational sensorial toy: Each box contains 10 wooden plates with 2 different textures on each plate. Let your child feel the textures and place similar textures next to each other. This toy can be play blindfolded too.

Sure to attract children above 3 Years: Suitable for Age 3 and above.

Enjoy learning: Tactilo enhances the ability to feel and differentiate between textures. It also improves concentration.

Multiple skill enhancement: Enables Intellectual development, Sensorial development and Motor skill development.

Safe and sturdy make: Made with high-quality wood. Child- safe paints and smoothed edges for safety.

Supports special needs: Suggested for children having Down Syndrome, Autism or any Learning Disability as prescribed by your therapist.

Right of all: Gender Neutral toy to encourage learning for all.

Age 3+ Eduedge E2021 Tactilo is an engaging educational toy designed to stimulate young minds and encourage tactile exploration. With its vibrant colors, varied textures, and interactive elements, this toy provides a multisensory learning experience for children aged three and above.

Featuring a range of shapes, patterns, and objects, Tactilo is designed to enhance sensory development, fine motor skills, and cognitive abilities. Children can explore different textures with their hands, fostering sensory awareness and tactile discrimination. The toy encourages imaginative play as children create stories and scenarios with the diverse elements provided.

E2021 Tactilo promotes early learning concepts such as shape recognition, color identification, and spatial awareness. Through hands-on exploration, children develop problem-solving skills and logical thinking as they manipulate the various components of the toy.

Safety is paramount, and the materials used in Tactilo are child-friendly and durable, ensuring hours of safe play. The design is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for young children to engage with independently or with minimal supervision.

Overall, Age 3+ Eduedge E2021 Tactilo offers a dynamic and enriching educational experience that fosters creativity, curiosity, and essential skills for early childhood development.


Weight 0.795 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 cm




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