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Little Genius Wood English Alphabets Uppercase Our custom made blocks are simply timeless. These 26 pieces English alphabets wooden blocks foster children’s language and motor skills. It gives the child the opportunity to rearrange and sort all the alphabet letters over and over again. A child can form simple words using the available letters.

  • Brand: little genius
  • Material: wood
  • Color: multicolor
  • Package contents: english alphabets uppercase

This is a captivating educational toy designed to introduce young learners to the fundamentals of the English alphabet. Crafted from high-quality wood, each uppercase letter is meticulously carved and painted with vibrant, non-toxic colors, making it both visually appealing and safe for children to handle.

This educational tool serves as a tactile and interactive aid for children as they embark on their journey of language acquisition. With its smooth texture and ergonomic design, each letter is easy for small hands to grasp and manipulate, encouraging fine motor skill development and sensory exploration.

The set provides an engaging way for children to familiarize themselves with the shapes and sounds of uppercase letters, laying a solid foundation for future literacy skills. Whether used independently or as part of guided learning activities, these wooden alphabets inspire curiosity, creativity, and confidence in young learners as they discover the building blocks of language.

Ideal for preschools, daycare centers, or home environments, the Little Genius Wood English Alphabets Uppercase promotes hands-on learning experiences that ignite a love for language and learning in children. With its durability and timeless appeal, this educational toy promises to be a cherished resource for generations to come.

This educational toy is designed to help children learn the English alphabet in a fun and engaging way. With a size of 30cm x 22cm, this wooden tray provides a sturdy and spacious surface for children to interact with the alphabet pieces. Each piece is crafted with precision and care, ensuring durability and longevity.
The wooden tray is equipped with knobs, making it easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate the alphabet pieces. This feature enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while providing a tactile learning experience. The knobs also help children develop their grip strength and dexterity.
The letter height of 3.5 cm ensures visibility and legibility, allowing children to easily identify and recognize each letter. This promotes letter recognition and early literacy skills development. The contrasting colors and clear font make the alphabet pieces visually appealing and engaging for young learners.
The United Little Genius Wooden English Capital Alphabet UA-01 is a fantastic tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers to introduce and reinforce the English alphabet. It sparks curiosity, encourages exploration, and promotes a love for learning. Give your child a head start in their educational journey with this high-quality, educational toy.


Weight 2.94 kg
Dimensions 34.8 × 25.5 × 8.2 cm

Assembly Required


Batteries Included


Batteries Required





Country of Origin

Made In India


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