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Little Genius Hand Counting Puzzle Introduce your kids to a number with the Hand Counting Puzzle. Each finger is numbered. Lift the piece and count the dots underneath. The Puzzle also has jigsaw numbers to lift up and count the same number of dots underneath. While the children are engrossed in fixing together pieces of the attractive jigsaw puzzle, they do not realize that the puzzle is secretly contributing to their mental growth. It helps to build their imagination and sharpness their power of observation.

  • Brand Name: Little Genius
  • Item Type: Hand Counting Puzzle
  • Package Content: 1 Little Genius Hand Counting Puzzle, Multi Color

This an educational toy designed to engage young minds in the exploration of numbers and basic arithmetic concepts. This colorful and interactive puzzle features a series of vibrant, tactile pieces shaped like different objects, animals, or shapes, each representing a numerical value.

Children can develop their counting skills by matching the correct number of fingers to the corresponding numeral on each puzzle piece. For example, a piece shaped like a cat might have the numeral “3” and three raised fingers, encouraging the child to count and identify the numerical value.

With its hands-on approach to learning, the Little Genius Hand Counting Puzzle helps children strengthen their understanding of numbers, improve their fine motor skills, and foster a love for mathematics in a fun and engaging way. It provides an excellent opportunity for parents and educators to introduce fundamental mathematical concepts in a playful and accessible manner, laying a solid foundation for future learning and academic success.


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Dimensions 31.7 × 32.89 × 1.3 cm

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Made In India


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