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Laugh and Learn Puppy’s Learning Car Help little ones makes learning an interesting activity when they play with Laugh and Learn Puppy’s Learning Car from Fisher Price. This amazing game features eight songs and two modes of play. It is recommended for kids in their growing years.
  • Push vehicle along to activate learning sounds & phrases
  • Shake Puppy figure to hear rattle sounds
  • Spin car wheels to hear an ABC song
  • Includes Puppy figure & car
  • Teaches numbers, counting & greetings

Wheeee. Roll Puppy along in his sweet ride to activate learning sounds and phrases. Baby will learn about letters, greetings, opposites and more. Spin the car wheels to hear an ABC song. Shake Puppy to hear rattle sounds, too.

This an engaging and interactive toy designed to stimulate a child’s imagination while fostering early learning and development. This adorable toy features a friendly puppy character sitting in a colorful car, inviting children to explore a world of discovery through play.

With its vibrant colors, fun sounds, and cheerful melodies, the Laugh and Learn Puppy’s Learning Car captivates young minds and encourages sensory exploration. The toy offers various interactive elements, including buttons to press, gears to turn, and a steering wheel to spin, providing tactile stimulation and promoting fine motor skills development.

Additionally, this toy introduces educational concepts such as letters, numbers, colors, and shapes through playful phrases, songs, and sound effects. As children interact with the toy, they are encouraged to engage in imaginative play, pretend driving adventures, and role-playing scenarios, fostering creativity and social skills.

The Car is designed with durability and safety in mind, making it suitable for infants and toddlers to enjoy both at home and on-the-go. With its combination of entertainment and educational value, this toy offers endless hours of fun-filled learning experiences for young children.

Weight 0.670 kg
Dimensions 13.34 × 21.59 × 20.32 cm
Batteries Included




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