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Age 4+ Hasbro B1001U083 Hungry Hungry Hippos

Introducing the classic family game that’s been delighting children and parents alike for generations: Hasbro’s B1001U083 Hungry Hungry Hippos! Designed for children aged 4 and above, this timeless game is a fast-paced, marble-chomping extravaganza that promises endless fun and excitement.

In Hungry Hungry Hippos, players compete to see who can gobble up the most marbles with their hungry hippo. The game board features four colorful, hungry hippos: Lizzie Hippo (in green), Henry Hippo (in orange), Homer Hippo (in yellow), and Harry Hippo (in purple). Each hippo is poised and ready to chomp down on the marbles as they roll onto the playing surface.

To play, simply release the marbles into the center of the board, and then rapidly press the lever attached to your hippo’s tail to make it lunge forward and snap up as many marbles as possible. The player whose hippo gobbles up the most marbles wins the game!

Hungry Hungry Hippos is not only incredibly entertaining but also helps children develop essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and counting. Plus, with its simple rules and quick gameplay, it’s perfect for children as young as 4 years old to enjoy with their friends and family.

This edition of Hungry Hungry Hippos maintains the same beloved gameplay that has made it a favorite for decades, while also featuring vibrant, durable components that can withstand the enthusiastic play of young children. From family game nights to playdates with friends, Hungry Hungry Hippos is sure to be a hit in any household.

So, gather the family around the table, let the marbles roll, and get ready for a wild feeding frenzy with Age 4+ Hasbro B1001U083 Hungry Hungry Hippos

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