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Hot Wheels Track Builder Introducing the exhilarating Hot Wheels Track Set, designed for thrill-seeking racers aged 4 and above. This Blue Deluxe Track Builder Pack with Wind theme promises an electrifying adventure, propelling young imaginations into a world of high-speed excitement.

Unleash the power of creativity with this deluxe track set, featuring an array of winding tracks and thrilling obstacles that challenge young racers to engineer their ultimate racing circuit. The vibrant blue color scheme adds a touch of coolness to the set, while the Wind theme brings an extra element of dynamism to the racing experience.

With endless possibilities for customization, budding engineers can construct awe-inspiring tracks that twist, turn, and soar through the air. The innovative Wind theme introduces an element of unpredictability, enhancing the adrenaline rush as cars navigate through air currents and defy gravity.

Built to inspire hours of imaginative play, this deluxe track set encourages hands-on exploration and problem-solving skills. As young racers experiment with different track configurations and obstacles, they’ll develop critical thinking abilities while honing their motor skills and coordination.

Whether racing solo or challenging friends to epic showdowns, the Hot Wheels Track Set delivers non-stop action and excitement. Watch as cars zoom around hairpin turns, brave daring loops, and conquer gravity-defying jumps, all against the backdrop of a thrilling wind-themed environment.

Ignite Hot Wheels Track Builder the passion for adventure and engineering with the Hot Wheels Track Set, where every race is a pulse-pounding journey into the world of speed and imagination.

Build and rebuild a track that’s a total breeze with the wind- and gravity-themed Hot Wheels® Track Builder pack. It includes 12 parts and pieces such as wind-themed flippers, a gravity drop, a ramp and a kicker, as well as a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® car. It’s all conveniently packed in a toy storage container that can be incorporated into any build! The pieces can be arranged in multiple configurations, and each track component is compatible with other Hot Wheels® track sets for extended play. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Build and rebuild with the Hot Wheels® Track Builder Wind and Gravity Pack that comes in a cool, modular storage container and with 1 Hot Wheels® car.
  • The set includes track-building essentials such as straight and curved track as well as a gravity drop and wind-themed flippers to add extra boosts along the way.
  • It comes in a blue and grey, sleek modular container that can be used in the build and for toy storage, keeping all the pieces together in a neatly confined space. It stacks atop other Hot Wheels® Track Builder boxes as well.
  • Each track component can be used with other Hot Wheels® tracks and sets so that kids can have unlimited builds and rebuilds. (Additional track sets sold separately.)
  • Makes a great gift for kids 4 years old and up.
  • Includes 1 Hot Wheels® Track Builder Wind and Gravity Pack and 1 Hot Wheels® car in 1:64 scale.


Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 74.7 × 97.1 × 14.6 cm


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