• 5 TRADITIONAL ART FORMS TO EXPLORE: From Madhubani in the east to Warli in the west, learn different traditional art forms with unique techniques – Lippan on canvas, Mandala on Templates, Madhubani on fabric, Bagru block printing & Warli on coasters
  • 20+ CRAFT PROJECTS:  Unleash your child’s creativity with 20+ Craft Projects across traditional art forms like Mandala, Madhubani, Block Printing, Lippan & Warli Art. An inspiring gift to encourage creativity in kids
  • TRADITIONAL ART WITH A MODERN TWIST: Traditional Indian art forms are now much more exciting for younger kids as they learn these techniques with modern items & utilities like Madhubani art on a Sling Bag, Warli Art with Arcylic Markers on a Coaster and so on
  • CREATIVE PLAY: Our Creative Activity sets aim at giving children the right balance of guidance providing them opportunities to explore & apply to their own imagination as they learn new skills
  • A COMPLETE CRAFT KIT: This craft kit comes with everything you need from the Multi-surface Markers to the Ink Pads. With each activity designed to have just few simple steps and be comfortably done by a 8 year old – this kit not only nurtures creativity,  but also boosts the self confidence of kids as they are able to independently create variety of masterpieces
  • CONTENTS: 1 Sling Bag, 10 Blocks, 2 Printed Canvases, 1 Printed Pouch, 1 clay tube, 3 Ink Pads, 4 Printed Coasters, 3 Mandala Templates, 4 Acrylic Markers, 10 Project Templates, Sequins, 1 Practice Booklet, 6 Glass Paints


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