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Little Genius Jigsaw Month’s Puzzle Wooden Jigsaw Months Puzzle is a wonderful method to teach the concept of Months in a year. While placing the jigsaw at the right place the child learn that there are twelve months in a year and which month comes after which month. This puzzle helps the child to learn the names of the month and also their spellings. Jigsaw Months Puzzle enlightens and encourages children to learn through play by providing them entertainment as well as education. It improves their imagination and sharpens their mind and hence makes learning of months very simple.

Give your child an early start at logical thinking through play time–solving a jigsaw puzzle. While placing the jigs at the right place the child learns that there are seven days in a week .This puzzle helps the child to recognize the names of the day and also their spellings. Construction- thick wooden board easy to clean with moist cloth.

  • Brand Name: Little Genius
  • Item Type: Jigsaw Month’s Puzzle
  • Package Content: 1 Little Genius Jigsaw Month’s Puzzle,

“Get ready to challenge your mind with this month’s Little Genius Jigsaw puzzle! Delve into a world of intricate pieces and vibrant colors as you piece together an exciting scene designed to stimulate your creativity and problem-solving skills. Each puzzle piece holds a crucial role in completing the masterpiece, urging you to observe, analyze, and strategize your next move. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzler or a budding enthusiast, this month’s puzzle promises hours of delightful entertainment and the satisfaction of unveiling the full picture one piece at a time. Embrace the joy of puzzling and let your inner genius shine!”



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