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LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Building Blocks (790 pcs) Build up a storm with this big box of classic LEGO® bricks in 33 different colors. With lots of different windows and doors, along with other special pieces to inspire you, you can really run with your imagination. With some ideas to get you started, this set provides the perfect creative toolkit for budding builders of all ages to enjoy some classic LEGO construction. LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Building Blocks (790 pcs) It comes in a convenient plastic storage box and is an ideal supplement to any existing LEGO collection.

  • Includes a wide range of LEGO® bricks in 33 different colors
  • Features 8 different types of windows and doors with 8 different frames
  • Special pieces also include 2 different sized green baseplates, 3 sets of eyes, 6 tires and 6 wheel rims
  • LEGO® Classic is designed to inspire open-ended creativity with the LEGO brick
  • Special pieces encourage imaginative building play
  • Large number of windows and doors facilitates classic LEGO® construction
  • All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • Ideas included with the set and online at LEGO.com/classic to help you get started
  • Comes in a useful plastic storage box
  • Green baseplates measures over 6″ (16cm) long and 6″ (16cm) wide and 4″ (12cm) long and 2″ (6cm) wide respectively

The LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Building Blocks set is a treasure trove for creative minds, offering endless possibilities for imaginative construction. With a whopping 790 pieces in various vibrant colors and shapes, this set provides budding builders with a vast array of building options.

Featuring classic LEGO bricks in assorted sizes, including plates, slopes, and specialty pieces, this set encourages builders to unleash their creativity and construct anything they can imagine. Whether it’s towering skyscrapers, intricate landscapes, or whimsical creatures, the possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination.

Ideal for both beginners and experienced builders, the set fosters spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and fine motor development. It also encourages collaborative play, making it perfect for family bonding or group activities.

The durable and high-quality LEGO bricks ensure that creations can be assembled, disassembled, and rebuilt countless times, providing endless hours of entertainment and learning. The set also comes with inspiration ideas to kickstart the creative process, serving as a springboard for innovative designs.

Overall, the LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Building Blocks set is a versatile and timeless addition to any LEGO collection, inspiring creativity and sparking the imaginations of builders of all ages.

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

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Made In India


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