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The 3-level LEGO City Fire Station (60320) houses a control room, firefighters’ quarters, reception and garage, plus a helicopter that shoots LEGO water splat elements and a fire truck that shoots water dart elements. Just add the firefighter minifigures, including 2 LEGO City TV characters and cat and dog figures, to fire up the fun! Kids can also expand this set via the included LEGO Road Plate. Building fun designed for kids aged 6 and up This set includes a printed building guide and interactive digital building instructions. Available in the free LEGO Building Instructions app for smartphones and tablets, the intuitive digital guide comes with amazing zoom and rotate tools that allow kids to visualize each model from all angles as they build. The empowering world of LEGO City LEGO City playsets stimulate imaginative roleplay with feature-rich buildings, cool vehicles and inspiring characters that put kids at the heart of the action, where they get to decide the stories.

The LEGO City Fire Station 60320 set is an exciting addition to the LEGO City series, offering endless opportunities for imaginative play and firefighting adventures. With 540 pieces, this set provides builders with a satisfying and engaging building experience.

At the heart of the set is the Fire Station itself, featuring a detailed design complete with a control tower, garage for the fire truck, and living quarters for the firefighters. The station is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to handle any emergency that comes its way.

The set includes a variety of minifigures, including firefighters, a fire chief, and civilians, adding depth and realism to the LEGO City landscape. These minifigures can be positioned throughout the scene, responding to emergencies, coordinating rescue efforts, and ensuring the safety of the community.

One of the highlights of this set is the fire truck, which is fully equipped with a extendable ladder, hose, and storage compartments for firefighting gear. Builders can customize the truck to suit their needs, making it ready for any fire-fighting situation.

Additionally, the set features smaller accessories such as a fire extinguisher, tools, and a fire hydrant, adding to the authenticity and playability of the Fire Station scene.

Overall, LEGO City Fire Station 60320 offers a dynamic and immersive building experience, allowing builders to create their own firefighting adventures while promoting creativity, problem-solving, and role-play. Whether battling blazes, rescuing civilians, or training new recruits, this set provides endless opportunities for imaginative play.


Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 9.4 × 35.4 × 37.8 cm

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