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The Jaks Toys M16 Auto Toy Gun Glock is an exciting addition to any kid’s arsenal of toy weapons, providing hours of action-packed fun and imaginative play. This toy gun is designed to replicate the iconic M16 and Glock firearms, giving kids the sensation of being in the midst of thrilling battles and epic adventures.

With its realistic design and vibrant multicolor finish, the Jaks Toys M16 Auto Toy Gun Glock looks and feels like the real deal. From its sleek silhouette to its authentic details, this toy gun captures the essence of military-style weaponry, making it an instant favorite among young warriors and aspiring heroes.

One of the standout features of the Jaks Toys M16 Auto Toy Gun Glock is its automatic firing capability. With just a simple pull of the trigger, kids can unleash a rapid barrage of foam darts, sending them soaring through the air with impressive speed and accuracy. This rapid-fire action adds an extra level of excitement to playtime, allowing kids to unleash their inner commando and take on imaginary enemies with ease.

Included with the Jaks Toys M16 Auto Toy Gun Glock are 18 foam darts bullets, ensuring plenty of ammunition for extended play sessions. The foam darts are lightweight and soft, making them safe for indoor and outdoor use. Whether staging epic battles in the living room or engaging in backyard skirmishes, kids can enjoy hours of active play without the risk of injury or damage to property.

In addition to its thrilling firepower, the Jaks Toys M16 Auto Toy Gun Glock is designed with user-friendly features for added convenience. The gun’s ergonomic grip and lightweight construction make it easy to handle and maneuver, while its durable build ensures long-lasting performance even during intense play.

Overall, is a must-have toy for kids who love action and adventure. With its realistic design, automatic firing action, and included foam darts bullets, this toy gun offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and outdoor fun. Whether battling imaginary foes or staging epic missions with friends, kids can let their creativity soar and create unforgettable memories with the Jaks Toys M16 Auto Toy Gun Glock.

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 6.5 cm



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