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The Age:8+ Nerf Revoltinator Zombie Strike created a way to generate power — and they tricked the zombies into running it! Electrify the zombie-fighting fun with the revolving blaster that has power shock electronic lights and sounds. When you power It up and fire, lights flash and glow in different places on the blaster, and it makes revving, blasting, and sparking sounds. This toy blaster comes with an 18-dart clip and 18 darts, giving you plenty of firepower to go up against the zombies. The blaster is motorized, so you can rev it up and shoot all 18 darts in a row With rapid-fire blasting. The 18 official Nerf Zombie Strike elite darts are designed for distance and constructed of durable foam with flexible, hollow tips. Two tactical rails let you customize the blaster with Zombie Strike accessories (Each sold separately). shock The zombies with the sights, sounds, and power of the Nerf Zombie Strike revoltinator blaster!

  • Power shock lights and sounds: the revolving blaster electrifies the zombie-fighting fun with power shock lights and sounds
  • Motorized blasting: rev up the motor and pull the trigger to shoot 18 darts in a row With rapid-fire motorized blasting from this Nerf zombie Strike blaster
  • 18 Nerf zombie Strike darts: blaster includes an 18-dart clip and 18 official Nerf zombie Strike Elite darts that are designed for distance and constructed of durable foam with flexible, hollow tips
  • Tactical rails: This toy zombie-battling blaster has 2 tactical rails so you can customize it with Nerf zombie Strike accessories (Each sold separately)
  • Shock The Zombies: gear up and get ready to shock The Zombies with the electronic lights, sounds, and dart-firing power of the Nerf zombie Strike revoltinator blaster

The Age:8+ Nerf Revoltinator Zombie Strike blaster is an exciting addition to the renowned Nerf lineup, specifically designed for adventurers aged 8 and above. Inspired by the thrilling world of zombie battles, this blaster offers an immersive experience that combines action-packed fun with imaginative play.

With its sleek design and vibrant Zombie Strike color scheme, the Revoltinator instantly grabs attention and sets the stage for epic battles against the undead hordes. Equipped with motorized blasting capabilities, this blaster delivers rapid-fire action, allowing players to unleash a flurry of darts at their targets with impressive speed and accuracy.

The blaster features a 18-dart clip, providing ample ammunition for prolonged play sessions without the need for constant reloading. Additionally, the Revoltinator boasts integrated lights and sounds, enhancing the overall gaming experience by creating an immersive atmosphere that transports players into the heart of the action.

Designed with safety in mind, the Nerf Revoltinator Zombie Strike blaster offers both thrilling excitement and peace of mind for parents and guardians. Its durable construction and intuitive design ensure that players can enjoy countless hours of zombie-blasting fun while adhering to safety guidelines.

Whether defending against a zombie invasion or engaging in friendly battles with friends, the Nerf Revoltinator Zombie Strike blaster promises endless entertainment for young adventurers aged 8 and above, making it the perfect choice for any Nerf enthusiast ready to take on the undead menace.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6.68 × 76.2 × 30.48 cm


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