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Rubbabu Educational Ball Assortment Mix  Three textured tactile balls in bright colors and shapes that are fun to hold, rub and squeeze. These soft sports balls are great for toddlers to hold, throw, catch and squeeze! They bounce off everything and are a great way to develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and learn games at a young age. Kids of different ages can play together with these squishy safe toy balls

The Rubbabu Educational Ball Assortment Mix is a delightful set of six tactile and engaging educational balls designed to stimulate young minds and foster sensory development. Each ball in the assortment is crafted with high-quality, soft foam covered in velvety, hypoallergenic fabric, making them safe and suitable for children of all ages, including infants.

These colorful balls feature various textures, patterns, and shapes, providing a multi-sensory experience that encourages exploration and discovery. The assortment includes balls of different sizes, colors, and designs, offering endless opportunities for play and learning.

With their lightweight and easy-to-grasp design, these educational balls are perfect for stimulating hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive development in babies and toddlers. Whether rolling, tossing, squeezing, or stacking, children will delight in the sensory experience and developmental benefits these balls provide.

Ideal for both individual and group play, the Rubbabu Educational Ball Assortment Mix is a versatile and engaging addition to any home, daycare, or classroom setting. It not only provides hours of entertainment but also promotes learning through hands-on exploration and sensory stimulation.

Rubbabu Toys are classic toys that kids never grow bored off. Soft, Safe and Fun, these toys are designed for many years of play and learning. The Soft tactile material makes them a wonderful developmental aid for children of all ages including children with special needs.The main component of Rubbabu Toys is Natural Rubber Foam and the Surface Finish which is made up of Nylon Flock that is sourced from the Finest Flock Companies in Spain and Switzerland. Rubber makes up 97 percent of the toy. Natural rubber has many wonderful properties. It’s Anti-microbial,Hypo-allergenic and Mildew-resistant. We do not add any chemically processed fillers in our rubber toys.All products manufactured by us are of the Highest Quality Standards and we take pride on our quality finishes. All the material and finishes we use for our toys are safe for use in 0+ ages children. All our toys pass the relevant provisions of EN 71, ASTM & Australian AS/NZS ISO 8124. These toys pass the strictest German EVOC Standards, as well as Tests like Nitro-satable substances and Nitrousamines.


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