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Rubbabu small Magnetic Lowercase Alphabet Set contains 26 letters and each letter is 7 cm in size. The colorful lower case letters are soft and squishy as they are made of natural foam rubber. The alphabet set helps children to explore the world of letters and also helps to learn spelling and reading. Each letter is bendable, durable, dust mite resistant and silky. This product is very soft and safe even for a new born.

Key features

  • 26 Brightly colored, squishy and tactile letter
  • With safe embedded magnets
  • Fun to use on the fridge or whiteboard, a great tool to learn simple spellings
  • The nylon exterior is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth

Brand – Rubbabu
Type – Magnetic Alphabets
Manufacture Recommended Age – 0 to 24 Months
Dimension – L 37.4 x B 25 x H 5.7 cm

Product Description
Rubbery letters cover with a soft flocking and done in bright primary colors make these an eye appealing way to know and name the alphabet. The magnet is totally encased in each letter so no fear about safety. These are a great way to give kids a feel for the shapes of the letters, building a sensory awareness that will help them remember and eventually write.

The Set is a charming and educational toy designed to introduce young learners to the world of letters in a fun and engaging way. Each piece features a lowercase letter of the alphabet, crafted from soft, tactile foam covered in colorful, velvety fabric. The magnets embedded within the letters enable them to stick to magnetic surfaces, such as a fridge or a whiteboard, adding an interactive element to learning sessions.

With its squishy texture and vibrant hues, this set appeals to children’s senses, encouraging them to explore and interact with the alphabet. Whether used for early literacy development, spelling practice, or simply for imaginative play, the Rubbabu Small Magnetic Lowercase Alphabet Set provides a versatile and stimulating learning experience for young minds.

Weight 0.480 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 6.8 cm


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