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Shumee Baby Giraffe Rattle And Teether

An adorable giraffe-shaped rattle with a teething ring made of safe organic material. The cute plush toy with warm colours could easily make this your baby’s favourite bedtime toy! Perfect for tiny, clutching hands.

What will I Get?

A giraffe-shaped rattle made of organic cotton that creates a soothing sound when shaken. – The rattle is attached to a beechwood ring and doubles as a teether. – It is also a cute plush toy with warm colors.


Your baby’s sense of hearing sharpens as they identify and respond to the sound of the rattle. Their vision improves as they observe the colours and patterns on it.Your baby fine motor skills and grasp reflex improve as they learn to hold the rattle. Their gross motor skills develop when they extend their arms or try to crawl and reach for the rattle. The sounds and patterns will engage their attention and invoke curiosity.

How to Play

Hold the rattle before your baby and shake it gently. Slowly move it from side to side, allowing their eyes to follow. Place the rattle at a slight distance from your baby as an object to reach for and get to as they start crawling. Let your child hold and play with it. They could sink their gums into the safe material of the teether. The sturdy beechwood will provide the right pressure to soothe sore gums.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm




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