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Shumee Wooden Alphabet Building Blocks

Build a towering vocabulary on a strong base! These wonderful multitasking alphabet blocks are perfect to help your child learn the alphabet, build words, or get creative building unique structures.

What will I Get?

13 brightly coloured, classic large wooden blocks with alphabets, numbers, and lovely illustrations. A muslin bag to carry the blocks around in, making it a perfect outdoor, playdate, and travel toy!


Your child will learn to problem-solve as they connect words to the letters and use the right blocks to form a word. These blocks will help your child learn the alphabet, learn words with each letter, and even encourage them to learn to spell out new words they learn! Picking and moving the blocks delicately will help hone your little one fine motor skills The bright colours and gorgeous illustrations are sure to get your child curious about what they see and spark many questions in their whizzing mind!

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 9 cm
HSN Code








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