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Shumee Wooden Ice Cream Magnetic Set

Designed to foster imaginative play

  • 1. Made with premium quality wood
  • 2. Painted with non-toxic colours
  • 3. Four wooden magnetic cups, cones and sticks
  • 5. Eight wooden magnetic ice cream scoops and slabs

What will I Get?

4 wooden bases of a cup, cone, lolly, and stick, each with a magnetic top. 8 gorgeous wooden pastel ice cream scoops and slabs that can be put together in any order using their magnetic ends.

Perfect pretend play set for ice cream lovers

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they mix and match flavours to create their favourite dessert. Shumee Wooden Ice Cream Magnetic Set fosters creativity and fine motor skills while serving up sweet pretend play adventures.

Nurture imaginative and creative play

1. Curiosity: Brightly coloured pieces will get kids curious about different kinds of food

2. Self-expression: Offers a creative outlet for your child to freely express themselves

3. Fine motor skills: Gives them an opportunity to develop control over small movements

4. Communication: Pretend playing different scenarios will help your child communicate better

5. Social Skills: Playing with others promotes social interaction, cooperation, and turn-taking, essential for developing social skills.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 7 cm





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