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Experience the thrilling adventures of the iconic Marvel character, Spider-Man, with this Spider-Man Web Cycle action figure and vehicle pack! Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this 6-inch-scale Spider-Man toy offers exciting Super Hero action and adventure.
The Spider-Man Web Cycle features smooth rolling wheels and a working kickstand, allowing the bike to stand without assistance. Kids can use their imagination to create their own Spider-Man stories and join the web-slinging action and adventure of the Marvel Universe.
This Spider-Man action figure and motorcycle set comes with classic Marvel character design and deco, making it a great addition to any Marvel collection. Plus, the Spider-Man Web Cycle is compatible with other Marvel 6-inch-scale action figures, giving kids the ability to build their own crime-fighting team (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability).
The set includes one figure and vehicle, making it the perfect gift for any young Spider-Man fan.


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